Event Report -“World Polio Day Art Forum 2016”

Polio event polio event2

On October 25th 2016, JIGH hosted the “World Polio Day Art Forum 2016” to commemorate “World Polio Day”(October 24th).

At the forum, Mr. Jun Fukuda, President of Sony Digital Entertainment, presented on the “the history of art and fundraising”, during which he discussed the democratization of the arts, especially with the spread of the internet. This was followed by a talk session about “the power of art and vaccines” with Ms. Yoko Sakanoue, adviser to JIGH. The session concluded on the note of how easy it has become for us individuals to participate in solving social problems, such as the eradication of polio or poverty, especially through crowdfunding and micropayment.

Parallel with these sessions, Mr. Shukou Tsuchiya, a professional suibokuga (ink-wash painting) artist, performed his work live for participants to see. The f inal piece showed national flowers from the three polio endemic countries, Spanish jasmin (Pakistan), red tulips(Afghanistan), and Costus spectabilis (Nigeria). In addition, artworks from ‘The Art of Saving a Life’, a collection of works based on the theme of vaccines and immunization, were shown to share the importance and power of vaccines in our lives. The event gathered together around 60 participants from both public and private sectors, including Diet members, medical workers, private sectors, university workers and students.

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